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Hello, and welcome to Riverside, Alabama, the playground on the

beautiful Coosa River.  We are glad that you are visiting our website

and we hope you enjoy it.  We think Riverside is a wonderful place to

live and work and we would love to have you come and experience our

community for yourself sometime.


We are located in St. Clair County, 40 miles east of Birmingham,

where east bound Interstate 20 goes right through town just before it

crosses the Coosa River.  Our Town has over 10 miles of gorgeous

shoreline within it's City Limits, and we pride ourselves on the beauty

and the tranquility of this majestic river.  Fishing, boating, and

water sports are a big part of the overall experience of living in Riverside.


We hope this website will give you a glimpse of our town and some of the people that live here and serve the terrific and friendly citizens of Riverside.  Please feel free to email any of us or call with any questions or concerns you may have; And COME SEE US!

eyeem-83799403 (1).jpg
Yours truly,
Rusty Jessup, Mayor
Phillipians 2:3

Riverside City Hall

379 Depot Street

Riverside, Alabama 35135


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