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Riverside Playground is a public playground located in Riverside, Alabama.  This playground enhances the quality of life of many resident's and the nearby communities by providing safe, healthy recreational opportunities for children 2 to 12 years of age.

Riverside is a small town located on the beautiful Coosa River with a little over 2,000 residents.  In such a small city there are rarely funds nor manpower available for playgrounds and parks.  Because of this, a fundraising campaign, sponsored by the Riverside Beautification Organization (RBO), has been established to improve Riverside Playground.  


Seeing a need for a more updated and safe play area, the RBO plans to take action.   They are making efforts in the 

extreme enhancement and the safety and enjoyment of our park patrons. 

To aid in the expense of the update, the RBO is applying  for grants and is also asking for help

from the community with the support of upcoming fundraising events including:

- RBO Fall Craft Sale

- RBO Soup Supper

- RBO Poker Run

- RBO Yard Sales

- and more -


Completion of the playground project is yet to be determined.

We appreciate your efforts in supporting the RBO Riverside Playground Project.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at Parks & Rec Department

Donations  to the "RBO - Playground Project" may be mailed to:

Riverside Beautification Organization

156 Frasier Road

Riverside, AL 35135

For more information Contact the RBO