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Railroad Crossing Closures


Norfolk Southern Railroad will be conducting necessary crossing repairs that require the closure of track crossings on Depot Street and Seddon Road. While these closures are beyond our control, we hope to assist and inform you well in advance to ensure that you are able to make preparations and adjustments to your daily schedule. 


The repairs are scheduled for January 9th - 12th, 2024.

  - Depot Street crossing will be completely closed during this time. 

A detour map is provided at the bottom of this page.

  - Seddon Road crossing will be closed daily from 7:00am to around

5:00pm, barring any unforeseen circumstances, until completed. (Residents in the Seddon Road area have received additional information via email.)


City Departments have made adjustments and devised a plan to ensure your services remain unaffected. 

Updates regarding delays, due to inclement weather or any unforeseen

circumstances, will be made on our ANNOUNCEMENTS page as well as our social media pages.


We understand the inconvenience this will cause and thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

EMA Graphic_edited_edited.jpg
Detour: Depot - Center Star

Please contact us with any questions

*Scheduled closure dates could be affected by weather conditions causing a delay.

Riverside City Hall

379 Depot Street

Riverside, Alabama 35135

205.338.7692 ext 3

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