Building Inspections Department



The License & Permit Office is located inside Riverside City Hall. 

This office handles licensing, permitting, inspections and nuisance.

Inspections hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


Fillable License & Permit Forms can be found online on the Forms page.

All work shall comply with 2015 International Building Code



























































It shall be unlawful and no person shall commence any type of construction of any commercial nor residential building, within the City of Riverside, without first obtaining a building permit from the City of Riverside prior to beginning any part of the construction.


No Permit can be issued without first obtaining a Business License.

All contractors, subcontractors and others performing work or services in the city shall purchase a business license prior to beginning any work.


The following requirements shall be adhered to prior to beginning any work:


Permit request requirements, to be submitted to the Building Inspector or their designee:

  1. A completed City of Riverside permit application.

  2. The required number of complete building plans: residential one(1); commercial three (3).

  3. A copy of the plat or site plan indicating the proposed location of the structure to be built on the site.

  4. Approval from the county health department for an approved septic tank and field lines if the structure is to be in an area in which public sewer is not available unless the structure will not require a septic tank and filed lines.

  5. All curb cuts require approval by the Code Enforcement Officer prior to the work being performed. All curb cuts along any State right-of-way require a permit from the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT).


Job site requirements:

  1. The building permit shall be displayed in a prominent place on the building site.

  2. Toilet facilities for workers, employees, subcontractors and others is required to be placed on site at the beginning of construction unless such facilities are otherwise available.

  3. A complete list of all contractors, subcontractors, suppliers or others that will be providing labor, contract services or materials to the job site must be provided to the Code Enforcement Officer, to include the complete name, business name, address, phone number and contract amount within 15 days of the permit issuance or 3 days from hiring, whichever first occurs.

  4. Road cuts for utilities of any type are prohibited. Application for waiver may be made to the Code Enforcement Officer. Any waiver requires a bond from a sufficient surety to guarantee repair to any roads or other City property damaged by the road cut.

  5. Spillage on the public roadway of materials shall be removed immediately and may be subject to an assessment for hazard materials clean up and removal by City employees.

  6. Trash bins, dumpsters, receptacles and similar storage units for trash and garbage shall be located in a suitable and safe location and shall be of sufficient size for trash and garbage that will likely be generated by the project. Location of such trash bins on the streets is prohibited.

  7. Mud, dirt or gravel shall not be tracked onto the public roadway from the site.

  8. In no event shall the project create a drainage problem for the adjacent land owners. A certified engineer's drainage plan may be required. All surface water runoff and control of silt from the worksite shall be maintained by the contractor.

  9. Work sites are to be kept in an orderly and clean manner.

City of Riverside Inspections:


Purchase of Business License and Building Permit


Site Preparation Inspection

Property lines are identified, House is laid out, Port-a-jon and dumpster are on site


Foundation/footing Inspection

Trenches are dug, clean and rebar is completely installed.


Below Slab Inspection

DWV system has water within piping at 10 ft/head. System has been purged of all air and will hold for 15 minutes.


Slab Inspection

Poly and wire are in place


Temporary Power Inspection


Rough Plumbing Inspection

DWV system has water within piping to top of VTR. System has been purged of all air and will hold for 15 minutes. Water piping is complete and pressurized with operating water pressure or air with not less than 50 psi.


Rough Mechanical Inspection


Rough Electrical Inspection


Framing Inspection


Insulation Inspection


Permanent Power Inspection


Final Inspection

Under no circumstances will a new building be occupied without a Certificate of Occupancy

- to request an inspection, call 205.338.7692 ext. 3 at least 48 hours in advance -







Before being issued a building permit, a Zoning Certificate must be filed.

Please contact the License & Permit Department for more information

by calling 205.338.7692 ext 3

OR by e-mail at Inspections Department

Zoning Map

Office of the Building Inspector

Riverside City Hall

379 Depot Street

Riverside, Alabama 35135

205.338.7692 ext 3